Eastern Aquarium's Night of Fun @ Tone

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Sometimes, you really regret having commitments outside of music. Tonight was one of those nights, where life meant missing out on two fantastic electronic acts, Kilter and Galapagoose at Eastern Aquarium’s Night of Fun. Still, the cosmic gods did allow for me to see Fishing, Albatross and Elizabeth Rose, three fantastic electronica acts.

Elizabeth Rose was thrilling, mixing rumbling piano & synth with airy, soaring vocals brilliantly. The result was mesmerising electronica full of charm and charisma. Of the acts I caught, Elizabeth Rose was probably the standout, playing with real balls and adding something different to the night. Laced with James Blake-esque vibes and a dash of Bjork-y stylings, Elizabeth Rose is definitely an act worth watching out for.

Albatross dove deep into chillwave, throwing around ambient ebbs & flows almost haphazardly. While the two-piece were incredibly strong, they closed a bit emptily, leaving an unpleasant emptiness in the room. That said, their set was smooth and dynamic, with a lot of fantastic character.

Many of you will know that most Sydney crowds are at best flaccid and uninspiring, and at worst, completely disconnected and nonchalant. Fishing transformed those slow shufflers into a wild pack of tune-hungry animals, proving that under the right circumstances even Sydneysiders love to dance. Highlight was probably Sydney looper-extraordinaire Guerre jumping up for a couple of tracks, adding a little bit of vocal momentum to Fishing’s set. Fishing are amongst the best of their kind, producing balls-out electronica and having almost too much fun. It’s a shame Sydney won’t be seeing them for a while.

Elizabeth Rose here
Albatross here
Fishing here

Elizabeth Rose Guerre during Fishing

1 – Fishing
2 – Elizabeth Rose
3 – Albatross
4 – Guerre during Fishing



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