Francolin – ‘If You’re On Fire’

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Francolin – ‘If You’re On Fire’ 

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How bout this one? Vocals that make you wanna sing along with all your heart, catchy drum snaps and wonky gypsy guitar that conjures open fires and Devendra Banhart chillin with some free spirit babes. Now forgive me if you suffer from tall poppy syndrome and hate The Cat Empire but Francolin have managed to recreate that grass roots vibe of catchy party music that requires mandatory dancing, big smiles and happy times. Y’know, like before the Cat Empire played the footy show. It’s not just the trumpet break outs but the up-lifting mojo that Francolin have going on. ‘Hospital Song’ has been getting around and our Sounddoc bro covered it well so I’m plugging ‘If You’re On Fire’ as a prediction of what you’ll be talking about with that fuzzy feeling in your belly post live show.

Check the album here to decide for yourself –



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