WATCH: The Money Go Round – ‘Ya Ya Ya’

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This one doesn’t have anything to do with Wayne Coyne and his bandit of Orientals strapping cheeseburgers onto the loins of poor civilians (you know the one). Still reasonably flamboyant, in the better sense of the word though. It does take cues from the kind of Windows Media Player PC screensavers I spent my kidtimes dreaming into…BUT here lies a sonic ark of all the neon dolphins, heavy machinery + pyrotechnics of your dreams, lunging at you for your visual betterment.

Those thundering, swampy sounds are courtesy of awesome Sydney band The Money Go Round. Video by Oh Yeah Wow, who don’t really need an intro. Dig the Kasabian vibe happening, alongside the distraction that is this astral mindfck of a video. 1:58. LOOK, A NARWAL.


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