LISTEN: Cannon / Lovely Legs Split Tape – ‘Meatboys’

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Country and punk have always gone together like vodka and orange juice: never classy, but a cheap way to have a fucking great time. Brisbane’s Lovely Legs deliver this deadly combo with rare spite and snarl, and they’ve teamed up with local dirty garage punks Cannon to give us a split cassette of fantastic angry songs about shitty people and self-loathing (well, from the couple of lyrics I can understand). Lovely Legs’ side is all cracked out and accusatory; the way Alex Dunlop half screams, half drawls on ‘I Ain’t Goin’ To Waste’ is downright threatening. ‘Dumb’ is the standout track, with its stomping bass line and messy, shrieking guitar while the drums crash right through your brain and Dunlop sings – “all I touch turns to shit/ I don’t mind when I’m lyin’ in it”.

Cannon’s side is a reissue of their Blerndaddy EP from earlier in the year, but their blunt, guileless tracks are still the most charming kind of atrocious noise out there. If you like music with a little more spit than shine, chances are you’ll dig the hell out of this.

Buy the tape from the Long Gone Records website. If tapes ain’t your thing, you can listen and download Lovely Legs’ side here and Cannon’s side here.




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