Empire Of The Sun


Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Sam La More Remix)

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As posted earlier by yours truly, Empire Of The Sun is a collaboration between Sleepy Jackson’s Luke Steele and Pnau, which stemmed from Steele’s vocal participation in Pnau’s fantastic third album. I have heard some of the songs off the album and they sound amazing. If your favourite track of that Pnau album is the very first song, then you’re gonna love this project. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait for another couple of weeks before we get to blog album tracks, this remix done by Sam La More is the only thing that is available for consumption at the moment. You can get it for free from the website below.


The picture above is a still from one of my favourite childhood movies called, you guessed it, Empire of the Sun. It was set in Japan in World War 2 and starred a very young American Psycho/Batman Christian Bale. Yes that’s him in the photo.


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  1. walking on a dream

    August 10, 2008 8:19 pm

    pleasseeee put on the original i just heard it on triple j and i like it better than the remix



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