WATCH: Young Hysteria – ‘This Is Not A Love Song’

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Young Hysteria is the new project for Jimmy Hawk and Thomas Van Der Vliet.

Hawk is well versed around these parts for creating lithe, hook ‘n’ sling indie pop through his previous work with Jimmy Hawk & The Endless Party. Hawk’s buttery chords make their cameo here, while this track rolls by at a more leisurely pace.

Here’s the premiere for the band’s new video for their debut single, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’. There’s some cool shots in the video of neon, flora/fauna and Parliament station off-cuts in the background too.

It’s not a ‘love song’, but all those loitering treble guitars are making me feel like less of an asshole today, especially when it’s Friday and I’m knee deep in spreadsheets. PAY IT FORWARD JIMMY H.

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‘This Is Not A Love Song’ is available for purchase via
iTunes here.

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