WATCH: Rainy Day Women – ‘Mars’

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The clip for Rainy Day Women‘s latest single ‘Mars’ is filled with crackled footage of the lads roaming through vines of over-priced-goon-fruit and lush green fields with front man Dylan Ollivierre’s six string tagging along for the stroll.

The pastel tones in the clip match the tune’s melancholic turn. It’s still well crafted, jangly guitar pop but minus the carefree sparkle that much of their earlier work had. The textured harmonies and brass complement the ever-present guitar melodies to tell a story of longing and goodbyes, all under the group’s telltale Perth sun sound.

It’s the stuff of hazy daydreams, and it features the most ‘strayan outfit in the world – denim, beanie, coat and thongs.

‘Mars’ is the first cut from Rainy Day Women’s forthcoming debut album, to be released in the not too distant future, and the guys say that ‘Mars’ is the sound of things to come.

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