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Bearhug – ‘Snow Leopard’

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I was initially excited about this track because it shares a name with the opening track off Shearwater’s excellent album ‘Rooks.’ Fortunately, Sydney’s Bearhug manage to effortlessly shrug off the weight of my perhaps unfairly-imposed expectations with the nonchalant, crawling bassline that opens ‘Snow Leopard.’ Shortly thereafter the lo-fi drums, wavering vocals and trebly, fuzzy guitars are introduced and imbue the song with an early 90s slacker charm and aesthetic. Feeding into the endearing simplicity is the measured, repetitive structure of the song, effectively built around glimpses of memorable and aching post-Yellow falsetto lines. Perhaps the track’s biggest strength is that the last minute somehow builds to a climax without breaking from the same unforced and modest shuffle of the first two.

There’s a big difference between not trying and not caring and Bearhug manage to embody the right side of both, creating a yearning song of effortless beauty that I hope gets the coverage it deserves. Definitely one that you’ll find yourself hitting ‘repeat’ on.



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