The Basics: ‘Rattle My Chain’ Live Clip

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I’ve fallen in love lately with The Basics, a band featuring the drumming and singing talents of Wally de Backer, better known from the amazing Gotye project.  Now we at Who The Bloody Hell Are They love everything that invovles Mr de Backer and this song by The Basics is awesome.  It was recorded live at the Empress of India in Melbourne in August 2006.  It’s a great live recording and really showcases the live spirit this band possesses, as well as their immense talent.

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  1. Jonno

    November 29, 2006 5:38 pm

    jonno needs something to write about!
    what happened to those google group emails huh?
    better give me something to do or we’ll have another white room on our hands!

    you know where to find me




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