Parades – Dead Nationale

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Parades – ‘Dead Nationale’ (mp3)

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In my humble opinion these guys have to be one of Sydney’s best kept secrets but I don’t think they will be for long. PARADES!

To be honest I’m not even sure how long these guys have been around, or how many shows they’ve played, or who they’ve played with, or even what each member plays but holy fuck they can write a song!

Dead Nationale opens with cleverly used guitars that are strategically placed to delicately compliment the driving drum beat that pushes the song continuously forward. As the song continues the easing and near-haunting harmonies of the bands male and female vocalists reveal themselves, as the song flows on it builds into an epic mash of guitars and wails.

Parades are playing at the Zoo as part of the Big Sound Conference in Brisbane this Wednesday – get down!


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