Soft Tigers: 'M.A.R.I.A'

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Soft Tigers – ‘M.A.R.I.A’

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Bucky of Soft Tigers gave me a demo of this song well before it went to radio and getting picked up by Triple J. I do believe this was the song that got them the Triple J Spotlight artist during Australian Music Month back in November. At the first few listens I cannot stop thinking how the feel of the guitar melodies in this song remind me of old Rick Springfield songs. They are different riffs, but just the general vibe of the song makes it very familiar and friendly. I love how they namedrop places in Sydney, makes me feel not as bad for spending too much time hanging out at those watering holes.

Simone’s Review:

Sydney love song where drunk kids carouse and out cool each other in the inner city. There’s a beery squall in the background and some bustling sound from the late night streets, a splash of colour here and there and a quiet break in the stop and start action at one point. Soft Tigers bring a hair’s breath of originality to the jarring jam of the Oz Indie Goes Eighties plague, but it’s a hair. Less with the fashion, more with the songwriting.



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