Guerre/Top Girls – ‘Waiting’

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Guerre/Top Girls – ‘Waiting’ (mp3)

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Super fresssh jam here from Guerre, one of the best new acts in Australia the world. I just really dig what this dude does. I’ve been seeing his stuff start to pop up international blogs too, and hopefully his collab with OS buzzband Top Girls will see him get some more much-deserved attention.

‘Waiting’ is a collaboration and the single from an upcoming split release with Top Girls. It’s a pretty dope track made up of all the stuff we already like about Guerre and Top Girls – cinemascope-worthy synth pads, heaps of reverb, restrained beats, and thin, floating vocals. Unlike other Guerre tracks, which are often written, recorded and uploaded within a few hours, you can hear the attention to detail that these guys have applied to ‘Waiting.’ It’s a stronger track for it.

Guerre recently said on his blog that he was going to start spending more time on individual tracks and work toward a cohesive release. ‘Waiting’ won’t be on that release, but it definitely a good sign of things to come. Keep an eye on his site for this details on how to grab this split release.

In other Guerre news, check out his chilled cover of Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ right here.


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