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YesYou – 'Half of It'

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YesYou – ‘Half of It’ (mp3)

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Anthemic synth stylings hailing from Brisbane. Featuring James O’Brien from The Boat People, Half of It is warm and fuzzy, ready to roll up in your bits like a freight train of summer goodness. Think MGMT versus Passion Pit, but a tad more sun-touched and addictive.  Simple, chilled, fantastic.

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Mind Over Matter @ OAF

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There’s a lot of hip-hop floating around Australia right now – some with an obsession with long hair, others all to eager to invite you into a long winded chase. Then there’s hip hop like Mind Over Matter’s, filled with odes to a city they know, and a culture they’re a part of – yet still laced with ballsy irreverence. Last Thursday night at the OAF, they gave the crowd something standout.
Two pairs of supports – Drakezilla + Vince Vega and Johnny Utah + Coptic Soldier. Drakezilla and Vince-Vega were entertaining and tight, throwing down a surprisingly high-quality set for a warm up act. Personal pick of their set set was “Redhead Redemption”, a reflective deconstruction of Drakezilla’s place in the industry.

Up next were Johnny Utah and Coptic Soldier. Despite juxtaposing high-energy songs such as “Handful of Gravel” with semi-acoustic ballads like “Fight For The Fame”, their set flowed well. The two MCs bounced off each other, belting out a raw set. They left the crowd satisfyingly moist, in more ways than one.

Finally, Mind Over Matter. The rapper duo (Willow and Smiles) were backed by a four piece live band and a multi-talented cast of special guests including Lillian Blue and Drakezilla. The pair were simultaneously self-deprecating and self promoting. In tracks like “Famous”, they almost pass for conceited superstars, but bring themselves (and the crowd) back down with their less self-indulgent tracks, such as “Be A Pirate”.

They closed with “This Wonderful Life”, a celebratory track that exemplified their set as a whole – energetic and engaging, without resorting to over-played hooks to get the audience pumping.

Mind Over Matter are the future of Australian hip-hop that I want to see realised – they combine balls and honesty, depth and hilarity. Definitely worth checking out as they finish their nationwide tour over the next month.

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