The Brunettes – 'Her Hairagami Set'

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The Brunettes – ‘Her Hairagami Set’

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The first time I saw these guys they had a toy drum kit and they took turns playing instruments and stage positions. The second time around they were still a four piece, but this time they had a full kit with even more instruments, and stayed at their respective sides of the stage. Now they are a full seven piece band, and this song is the first taken out of their Structure & Cosmetics album. It’s really easy to trivialise a band that banks on retro sounding songs, but I feel that Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield could not write these songs any other way. Their genuine take on innocent 50s pop can be compared too their on stage chemistry: it may not be the real thing (they were a couple once) but it’s damn close, and sometimes better.



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