Khancoban – 'Until It Takes You Over'

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Khancoban – ‘Until It Takes You Over’ (mp3)

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‘Limbs May Fall’ was a well crafted record, and I’m sure many have been hanging out for the follow up. Earlier material along the lines of early Augie was more subtle in aesthetic, but the band haven’t completely discarded their roots. It’s Khancoban in the way that it doesn’t need to overcompensate to prove it’s point. And it still gets it across. In two lines.

Sure there are big drums and meandering atmospherics that do tab out a few pages of ‘Neon Bible’, but Khancoban have managed to verge on ‘epic’ without coming out too overtly pomp. There’s plenty of room for repetitiveness, but Hooke’s delivery and a build up of nice progressions pull this tune through three min. For what it lacks in lyrical diversity, it makes up for as a good opening track. New album ‘Arches Over the Sun’ only drops in July. Until then, this one will be a good excuse to wake up early and mull over my cereal to.


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  1. rocketman

    April 1, 2011 11:34 am

    I just had a listen, and your line; “managed to verge on ‘epic’ without coming out too overtly pomp” was such a perfect. Nex time I’m in Melbourne i’ll make sure to check them out



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