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The Veronicas – ‘Hook Me Up’

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Brisbane’s most famous twins, The Veronicas, are back with a brand new single and a new sound. (By the way, I think this may be an exclusive for music blogs… though the song itself has been on YouTube and radio already.) ‘Hook Me Up’ sees the Origliasso twins ditching the punky Avril Lavigne-style sound and writing a song aimed squarely at the kids on the dancefloor.

In fact, any semblance of a “real” instrument is absent in this track which is brimming with trance-inspired synth hooks which sound like Marty McFly’s pulled them from the 90s. But it’s catchy as hell, and that damn chorus is pretty sweet – it’s like dumping a whole bag of popalicious Whizz Fizz. To be honest, I’ve got no idea what they’re singing about in this song, and I really don’t care.

The song is co-written by two of the world’s premier songwriters: Greg Wells, who’s worked with everyone from Jesse McCartney to the Deftones (WTF!!!) and pop queen Shelly Peiken (Ashlee Simpson, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Ronan Keating, Joe Cocker, Brandy… the list goes on) and explains why it’s so infectious.

The filmclip for this song probably toes too close to the incestuous line to actually be sexy because, sure, twins can be hot, but incest really isn’t. I’m not sure how much sister-to-sister touching is too much…

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  1. Erin

    May 22, 2008 5:39 am

    I FRICKEN LOVEEEE The Veronicas!!!! They are my IDLES!!!!!They have inspired me so much i write my own songs know!!!!



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