The Bumblebeez: 'Rio'

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The Bumblebeez – ‘Rio’

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So the debut Bumblebeez album is finally out. Rumoured to cost over $200,000 over a few years and several mixers to make, is it really worth the wait? Was anyone waiting for it anyway? The previous Triple J Unearthed winners disappeared from attention so long ago I’m not sure many remembered. But I have to say the tracks that I’ve heard so far sounds amazing. It sounds, and I’ve said this before, nothing like any other Australian artists. Except maybe the Avalanches but they’re taking even longer for a followup record. I’m keen to get this album, but I won’t see them live because from what I heard from pretty much everyone they are not much entertainment on the stage. The one and only time I saw them was when they were supporting Radiohead in 2004 in Melbourne, and I walked out of their show then.



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