Lincoln LeFevre – ‘Miami’

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Lincoln LeFevre – ‘Miami’ (mp3)

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Forgive me people who take music blogs seriously, for I have sinned and will sin again.

Lincoln LeFevre is a stalwart in the Tasmanian punk rock scene, having played in Enola Fall and the excellent Ride The Tiger, who I wrote about last year.

I saw him play a great solo acoustic set at this year’s Poison City Weekender, where I also took the above photo.
He released a fantastic album “30 Watt Heart” in 2008, to much acclaim from Tasmanians and people who know Tasmanians. Why didn’t I pick up on it? Well, I didn’t start with WTH until September that year and fuck, I guess I was busy being a fucking idiot or something.

But hey, I’m telling you about it now and that’s better than never, right?

‘Miami’ is the song I find stuck in my head the most, but it’s worth heading over to his Triple J Unearthed page to hear “Hey, Alright! which has some fantastic lyrics including:

Such a sweet thing, a white ribbon to hold her hair down
She walks through the crowd like an angel but she speaks like a tramp
And she said ‘what are youse fuckin’ lookin’ at



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