Lester The Fierce – ‘Holland’

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“Are you sure channel V will play the video with a fish gutting bit?”

“Yeah for sure man, remember the fish flapping about in the Faith No More video – they loved that shit!”

So goes the creative decisions over at Lester The Fierce HQ. A simply beautiful song that gets an arty narrative and we end up with a fish head flailing about whilst some old folks dance in the street. It would’ve been tempting to extend the gorgeous shots used for the promo of the EP ‘The Summer Deluge’ but Lester The Fierce has gone on to make an interesting video with a story. Shot on what I imagine is a 5D, the shallow depth of field and lovely if not gloomy shots of Melbourne weave a tale that has a wonderful soundtrack from the very talented Anita Lester. I will definitely be checking out the EP launch at the Phoenix Public House on the 1st Dec.

Follow her here – http://www.facebook.com/Lesterthefierce?sk=info and Soundcloud the entire EP here –

The Summer Deluge by Lester The Fierce



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