Snowman: 'You Are A Casino'

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Snowman – ‘You Are A Casino’

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Three weeks ago I’ve moved from Sydney to Melbourne for work reasons. It’s quite fun being in a completely new scene with all the unfamiliar faces and new bands to see in venues I’ve never been. There was nothing wrong with my life in Sydney, but I suppose it got a bit too easy and I stayed in my comfort circles most of the time. Here everything is new. I get lost easily, wander around in circles and it’s great. New is good.

On average I go to 3-4 gigs a week, more if there’s touring bands in town. On Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing such a touring band in Snowman live again at the East Brunswick Club, this was their last stop of their album tour before heading back to Perth. It wasn’t sold out like their Sydney gig days before, but nearing capacity. Vocalist Andy Citawarman is extremely animated on stage and really is the central figure of the band. ‘You Are A Casino’ is their next single out to radio, grooving in the same surf rock horror movie vein as the rest of the album. Play it in the car and you’ll start dreaming you’re in a car chase sequence.

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