Water Music – 'Wayward'

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Water Music – ‘Wayward’ (mp3)

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Matthew Barker first dropped us a line about his other project, The Gypsy Curse, with NY born wife Beth. They’ve put out a great melodic country/folk record which they recorded over four days in a little log cabin in Sweden which you can hear over here. I did do some link surfing to his other project Water Music, and I was immediately taken by this track when I heard it.

If you’re Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes inclined, or sway towards a bit of alt-country and drawn out tales about life on the road, you’ll enjoy this. This is mega lo-fi, but all that distortion seems to stand stoic against Barker’s fragile vocals. A warning though, this is epic sad-time music. Not feeling suitably emo or probably just hormonal today, but the record feels like the post-breakup companion you need to console with greasy food, several wines and a few bouts of weeping your life story to. Enough about that though, there are a lot of good things to say about Mountains. Spend a little time with this release. Beautiful, honest music worth it’s weight.

Hear Mountains in full at Water Music’s soundcloud.



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