Hunting Grounds 'In Hindsight' Showcase @ Luwow

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I constantly see the word ‘mature’ pop up in reviews of this album. What does that even mean? Seems to allude to reviewers feeling the need to pinpoint the rite of passage when a band starts using minor chords and decides to mull over philosophy and heartbreak instead of school and teenage loins. It’s probably a general cop-out for boring. However, last night’s showcase at Luwow proved otherwise. Hunting Grounds still have all their energy in tow, even if the keyboard jams and throaty yells have been polished down for now. They might have been making EPs for forever and even the album title suggests so, but this is still their first album. I’ve watched Power of The Zookeepers, Howl, Hunting Grounds make music for a long while, and while Ballarat may have been good breeding grounds for swampy basslines back in the day, if ‘mature’ is what these guys need to export themselves to other places, then good going.

In Hindsight is out now through Red Cat Sounds/ MGM.



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