LISTEN: Do The Robot – ‘La Rondette’

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Do The Robot are Matt and Sarah Deasy, a Brisbane husband & wife duo who have spent years perfecting their brand of ambient shoegaze pop. ‘La Rondette’ is no exception; gentle keyboard notes float by from what feels like a million miles away, while the stuttering beats crack and echo in the foreground. At times the track feels cold and sparse, but it still draws you in with lush atmospherics. I don’t have a clue what Sarah Deasy is singing about, but a feeling of longing and isolation comes through loud and clear in her soft, wistful vocals. This is an understated but beautiful track, and I especially like the way the band haven’t sacrificed subtlety for empty drama.

Do The Robot release their new album Midnight Mirage later this month.


Do The Robot‘La Rondette’

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