PREMIERE: Unity Floors – ‘Day Release’

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Here’s the first listen of ‘Day Release’ from Sydney duo Unity Floors. Words that could be used to describe this track are ‘shabby’, ‘friendly’ and ‘pleasurable’ (especially the former). Those descriptors sound like real estate copy for a fancy smack-den, but mouldy suburban lounge rooms do plenty of good for the imagination. Following ‘Nice Fit’, ‘Day Release’ is the next excellent track off the band’s upcoming debut LP Exotic Goldfish Blues (which I’m assuming is the shitfaced, slightly more humorous cousin of ‘Sharkfin Blues’).

‘Day Release’ is an exemplary snippet of ‘polite’ garage. The band have a mutual affinity for bands like The Clean and Dinosaur Jr, as much as they like digging on lost love, petty theft and women’s golf. The new track is a fun cut-and paste project with Henry Gosling’s nod-along drumming at the wheel and Gus Hunt’s choppy riffs chugging away back and forth on all ends of the good-time spectrum. All I can hear when I listen to this is Gerling’s 4 record – eternally chuffed. I’m so glad Sydney bands are bringing back some optimism, because the sad majority of what I’m wringing out of Melbourne at the moment are skinny things wanting to 2 B THA FUTURE, trying to fart out appropriations of R&B in drop-crotch pants and double-mounted hair buns (prove me wrong).

Unity Floors have been quick to dismiss their jams as ‘scrappy rock music’, but the whole two-piece setup lends Unity Floors a weird connectedness that’s both slapdash and completely engaging. I’ve been nodding along to this one for the last hour. You’d be hard-pressed not to as well.

‘Day Release’ will be available on Unity Floors’ debut LP Exotic Goldfish Blues, available on November 15th via Popfrenzy.
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