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Civil Civil’s music kinda sounds like Sonic Youth soundtracking a porno in space. Which is good if you like Sonic Youth.

The Aussie born, now London residing expats met in Barcelona. Aaron Cupples met Ben Green after a tip off from mutual friends The Drones. Emails were exchanged, Ben flew to Barcelona ‘blind-date’ style to meet Aaron, they made some tunes. Now the the duo spend their days on an indefinite working holiday with a flashing LED box for a drummer.

Upon their triumphant return to Oz for their upcoming tour, we asked guys to fill us in with some photos. They sent us some snaps of themselves near yachts and mountaineering topless in Italy.

Captions by Ben.

We visit monuments and ruins and go “Ooooooh, don’t have one those back in Melbs!”. So here we are at some historic spot near Verona with our our Italian handler, the magical Paolo Vizio. He was one of the only people in Italy who wasn’t ashamed to be photographed with us.


One of the most obvious but frequently overlooked things about touring is that it is a form of tourism. When me and my good buddy Aaron ‘Flopsie’ Cupples are actually setting up or soundchecking or playing we are a band. Total professionalism, no fucking around.  But the rest of the time we’re just a couple of dorky Australian tourists. I mean look at us.

We’re dickheads on a weird, boozy working holiday.


 Whenever we’re flogging our hire-car through the Maritime Alps we usually take time to climb a mountain and take some creepy, homo-erotic photos of ourselves.


We stare and point and laugh at anything we don’t understand. Here we see Aaron trying to figure out what to make of what appears to be a massive, overpowered scooter with a barrel-themed trailer at a German servo. I’m just out of shot pointing and laughing.


(more photos after the jump)


 This photo was taken about an hour before I dived into the sea and broke my nose on a submerged rock. After having that seen to we then played to an audience of 30 grandparents sitting on plastic chairs in front of an out-door stage, right after the local Celtic jig band.


 “One of the few people in Europe who instantly understood our crippling Australian need to take the piss out of everything and everyone was Marin Perot from La Route Du Rock Booking, bless him. Here we see him in the central plaza in Bordeau.”

“So yeah, you can take the band out of Melbourne, but you can’t take the Melbourne out of the band.”


Rules is out through Remote/Control Records now.

Give Civil Civic a welcome homecoming at one of the dates below:


February 7 – Black Bear Lodge, BRISBANE

February 8 – Brighton Up Bar, SYDNEY

February 16 – All Tomorrow’s Parties – I’ll Be Your Mirror, ALTONA

February 19 – The Tote, MELBOURNE

February 21 – The Crown And Anchor, ADELAIDE


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  1. Christo Jones

    February 11, 2013 5:45 pm

    Hehe brilliant description of Civil Civic as “Sonic Youth soundtracking a porno in space”.

    I thought your explanation of Pond’s album cover was the funniest thing I’ve read on Who The Hell in a long time, but this takes the cake!



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