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Another Perth outfit brewing a pot of infectious lo-fi pop is Braves, the side-project of Sunny’s Sean Anthony. Teaming up with mates Alex Di Giovanni and Kieran Conaghan, the trio have produced some really chilled out, sun-kissed jams as heard on their latest five-track EP, Sorrow.

Lead single ‘Hallows’ will warm your heart up immediately with its inviting first string of guitar notes later swelling into a blissful treat for your ears. Other must-listens on the EP include ‘Sadko In The Underwater Kingdom’ and the ‘90s-tinged ‘Baden Street’. Oh hell. Why not just listen to the whole damn thing. Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, Sorrow is short and sweet but still definitely worth your time.

Grab the EP from Braves’ bandcamp here.


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