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Major Leagues  Teen Mum

In high school, a friend and I used to play a game where we’d sit in the local Westfield foodcourt watching people eat. While the crux of fat suburbia would devour their goods, we’d make corresponding bestial ‘eating noises’ for each person based on reasonable moral grounds such as appearance, weight and assumed saturated fat content of their food-court meal fare. It was a terrible game. But one I kinda have strong urges to repeat after watching this new one from Brissie’s Major Leagues.

Thirty five people in a room, eating in slow motion. Reads like the plot outline for a work of custom erotica. Thankfully, Major Leagues have made the whole thing heaps of fun! The cast here look like the types who spend more time taking photos of their food rather than scoffing anything, but there are some outstanding table manners and scenes of some dudes bonding over breast meat.

Easily one of my fave clips so far this year.


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  1. WA_side

    April 1, 2013 9:54 pm

    Cool video, and though I normally enjoy your commentary Melissa, I have to ask – Are only skinny people allowed to eat junk food?

    I’m far from perfect when it comes to not denigrating people who are different, but I’m trying to realign my inner thoughts to be more accepting and allow that weight is NOT a measure of health. If you’d like to broaden your mind in this area, there is plenty of information around the web on HAES (Health At Every Size) also known by some as Fat Acceptance. Not an attack, just some food for thought, pardon the pun.



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