LISTEN: Mt Warning – ‘Burn Again’

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You know those bands. Their name latches on in your subconscious; sort of like a that foreign wad of sticky tape that magically appears under your shoe. I’ve seen Mt Warning’s name turn up in various places – on gig posters and in several conversations with pals. I only really took a closer look when I saw their name appear again on the Field Day London lineup recently. They haven’t had a proper release just yet…so better late than never I guess.

Mt Warning are a five piece. I think they’re from Byron. Or half of them are from the UK or something. It’s kind of hard to find out basic facts when the person who wrote your band presser has a thing for commas, overbearing prose and then fills in ‘Shakespeare and Hemingway’ in the ‘Sounds Like’ description on your Unearthed page. But the music is good. We forgive you.

If you haven’t stumbled across Mt Warning, then ‘Burn Again’ is a fantastic introduction to this band. It’s a stark, moody track that banks on a built up thud of percussion and strong vocals. I would have liked the huge decomposing wall of guitars at around the 2.39 mark to linger around for a lot longer, but I’d imagine this would be stellar live. 

There’s a bit of a A Dead Forest Index vibe here. Sounds a bit like The National when they aren’t all collectively on their periods.

If you’re in the UK, these guys are playing Field Day London on the 25th. Locally, Mt Warning are touring with the Temper Trap all through April.


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