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The Bamboos ft Megan Washington – King Of The Rodeo (mp3)

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I saw The Bamboos at Meredith Festival two years ago, I’ve seen the name plenty of time around Melbourne’s streetpress, posters and flyers. I’ve never really paid much attention to their music when I should be really because they are every bit the great funk band that everyone keeps talking about, perennial local Melbourne favourites. The Bamboos are about to release their fifth album Side-Stepper and the first song that surfaced features the vocal talents of jazz singer Megan Washington. This song is of course a cover of Kings of Leon’s hit, brilliantly reinterpreted into a funk number with jazzy vocals. Awesome. The drumming in this is just amazing to listen to. This will be in my year end top ten lists.


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  1. tony

    August 11, 2008 1:19 pm

    yes! the bamboos DO live up to all the hype. when they play live the sound must be perfect, or it can spoil the experience somewhat. but their albums are truly amazing, it takes weeks to get those grooves out of my head.

    just a quick point: Side-Stepper will actually be their third studio album. there’s also a live album in there and they did a “Presents” for Kylie Auldist’s album Just Say, which Lance Ferguson from the Bamboos produced.

    further: Lance also records as Lanu and has made a wicked nu-jazz, broken beat album that is really really superb. check it out!



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