LISTEN: Back Back Forward Punch – ‘Don’t Stop Now’

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back back forward punch


Not enough ‘disco’ happens on this blog. I’m not averse to the stuff. Don’t hate Fridays either. My penchant for disco/pop resurfaces once a year when a good track or remix comes around. For the rest, it’s subtle repression.

After being born to immigrants who conceived me over a syncopated bassline and a 4/4 beat, growing up listening to Disco made Melbourne’s Western suburbs a lot less shit. My earliest music memories involved the ass end of the Bee Gees era, Diana King and a lot of Gloria Estefan’s ‘Turn The Beat Around’. There was nothing ‘Australian’ about my childhood. There is nothing Australian about growing up watching your old man mow the lawn singing Donna Summer either. I’ve had a bittersweet affinity with the wider genre, but here’s trying not to hold it against anyone.

Depending on what your Friday vibe feels like, this is essential listening. ‘Don’t Stop Now’ is a smooth groove by Melbourne duo Back Back Forward Punch. There’s a faux-sax, laser synths and a general schmooze that could only really tag along with band name that sounds like a naff move on a Tracey Anderson workout DVD. Laura Boland’s voice reminds me of Giselle Roselli on Flight Facilities‘Crave You’ (minus the twee). I’m slowly trying to be less deducive about anything electro-disco, so this one gets points for feel good tunes to tide over the week with. Excellent production and Groove Armada stamped all over this one. Still love Gloria, BTW.


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