PREMIERE: Sleepy Dreamers – ‘Bike Song’

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Sleepy Dreamers

I listen to reasonably aggressive music when I ride my bike on the morning commute (makes me pedal faster, bro). Not condoning multi-tasking or listening to music while on the road (don’t do it) but if it’s any indicator of personality, I’d imagine that the Sleepy Dreamers guys would probably be the gentle, passive, half baked folk who give you creepy smiles at the lights and always give way to traffic.

‘Bike Song’ is the brand new track from the Melbourne band. The band’s previous Creatures EP was full of  ‘homecoming’ tracks – you know, the type of soft, lulling folk-acoustica stuff that used to make you reflect on nice things and feelings before you became a hard arsed adult with a shit job and a need for music to match. The wager for upbeat, ‘feel-good’ tracks seems to be getting more complex, so it’s kinda nice to hear something simple once in a while. ‘Bike Song’ effectively ticks the trifecta – graduating treble hooks, handclap things and the sort of bouncy drumming that bands like Givers and Crystal Fighters flash when they want to good time. Sweet, simple travellin’ music indeed.


‘Bike Song’ will be available for purchase on Bandcamp from the 18th of October. The band are gearing up for a stint at Inca Roads Festival during Nov 29 – Dec 1st, more details here.


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