LISTEN: Banoffee – ‘Reign Down’

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We introduced you to Banoffee back in July, when she released her brilliant first single, ‘Ninja’. Since then she’s been thriving, with a video for ‘Reign Down’ premiering on the Fader and appearing on a host of other international sites. It even showed up on, the website affiliated with Solange’s Saint Records, home to progressive R’n’B talent like Sampha, Kelela and Cassie.

‘Reign Down’ was produced by Oscar Key Sung and features the pitched-down vocal loops, dance floor-inspired synth arpeggios and sharp high hats familiar from his most recent output. Like ‘Ninja’, which closed with the lines ‘You thought you could kill me now/ Well, honey, I’d like to see how/ I’m a fuckin’ ninja now’, ‘Reign Down’ is a kind of Martha Brown-certified course in assertiveness and resolve. In her own words:

‘Reign Down’ was written in quite a pivotal period in my life, where I realised that not much ever eventuated with taking action. For me, it is about being in a place that you might be comfortable, even if its not particularly enjoyable – and choosing to take the grittier option in search of a better outcome. Whether it’s a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a destructive way of living or whatever, ‘Reign Down’ is kind of like a ‘screw you universe, I’m going to rule at doing things my way’ sort of song. If I was Mariah I’d be singing ‘Shake It Off’. Wish I was Mariah.’

Check out the video – which features outbreaks of quaint dance moves at some low-key Collingwood sites – below.

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