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Brown Bear – ‘Was That It?’

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Brown Bear are from Brisbane and write good, solid songs. Sometimes they try to get all clever with glitchy programming, but for that we should cut them a bit of slack – after all, they did meet whilst studying a tertiary music course.

‘Was That It’ is a little guilty of this whole ‘glitches=clever music’ thing, but is saved by the simple but effective piano part and Col Hockey’s lyrics and vocal melodies. Excellent arrangements and production don’t hurt it either – every band attempting this sort of music should have a film composer as a guitarist.

With Hockey having returned from a year in London, Brown Bear is currently raising funds and writing songs for their debut album.


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  1. jorl

    December 24, 2008 1:41 pm

    wow, those guys look like their posing for a for an early 30’s comfortable brisbane-ite fashion catalogue. they should stop their manager from shopping at myer and grow some beards.



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