LISTEN: These Guy – ‘Coming Around’

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These Guy 1

These Guy are a Brisbane three-piece who make skewed indie pop music, originally the solo project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Saxby. After kicking around by himself for the first year of the band’s existence culminating in his sweeping but brief 3 track debut EP ‘To Say or Do’, Saxby invited mates Eddie L’estrange and Josh Coxon to take These Guy live. The impact this has had on their more recent tracks is a notable upward swing in the mood of their sound away from the somewhat insular intimacy of the EP. Cue ‘Coming Around’ –  a combination of the lofty vocals and downer lyrics of Saxby’s earlier output with buoyant pop production to creating a track that’s interesting at every turn. 

The absence of any kind of rhythm guitar or solid lines of instrumentation leaves Saxby’s vocals and synth fiddling to carry the melodic weight of the track. The amount of ambient bric-a-brac that has been cut to neatly give structure to Coming Around is a testament to Saxby’s ear for off-kilter production and hopefully points to a more experimental/avant pop future for These Guy.

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