LOOK: Fifth Floor Warehouse Party II

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(Photos: Vlad Chant)

Last month, we put on a thing in a warehouse with FIFTH FLOOR in Brunswick, Melbourne. A twelve band line-up including Wolf & Cub, Damn Terran and Hollow Everdaze took to a half-pipe transformed into a stage for the night. Kaleido visuals from Astral Projection Artwork kept everyone occupied, while everyone else was content flailing around to Mangelwurzel –  the funktoid, girl version of Fugazi throwing up jungle punk in a trashcan. Saw some guy in the room wearing a leopard bucket hat. What year is it?…

The Fifth Floor team are in Berlin at the moment, where they put on a show with local expats Ascetic two weeks ago. We’ll have photos from the event soon.


fifth_floor_warehouse_party_6  fifth_floor_warehouse_party_4fifth_floor_warehouse_party_3  

fifth_floor_warehouse_party_1fifth_floor_warehouse_party_29 fifth_floor_warehouse_party_7




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