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Kid Sam – ‘A Black Ant (mp3)

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KID SAM!.. Ain’t for kids.

With their self titled album released in March, Kid Sam have steadily gained more attention with every move, securing support and airplay from Triple J’s Zan Rowe, and currently touring the country with Sydney troubadour Jack Ladder.
Drawing from influences as seemingly obvious as Radiohead and Pivot, Kid Sam have ventured on to create a unique aesthetic that lands somewhere between minimal folk and post rock, while never straying too far from the pop sensibilities that make the songs so enjoyable. Vocalist Kieran Ryan’s blend of evocative melodies and abstract lyrical approach is engaging from start to finish, with Kishore Ryan filling out the percussive instrumentation with everything from pots to pans. This Melbourne 2 piece have produced a collection of beautifully crafted songs, each as different as the last.

Goes well on a Sunday afternoon.



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