Love Of Diagrams: 'The Pyramid'



Love Of Diagrams – ‘The Pyramid’

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After four months living in Melbourne I’ve identified a few qualities that to me define a subset of the Melbourne sound: the Fitzroy bands. Big bottom end, statement-type lyrics and a clear disregard for pop songwriting structures. Fitzroy is a self declared chic suburb of Melbourne akin to Sydney’s King St side of Newtown, but which still has a fertile music scene thanks to the multiple small venues that are allowed to operate under Melbourne’s more sensible entertainment laws. Going for an excursion into this scene every second person I meet is in a band and they all more or less follow the same values when it comes to songwriting, or even performance. It’s not big on punk, and has idealised notions of cool, inner city independence and don’t give a fuck attitude.

Numerous bands play in the scene, some of which has been covered here (have a guess at which ones). But the most famous and successful export has got to be Love of Diagrams. Signed to Matador and getting critical live reviews overseas LOD looks the most equiped and is in the best position to take this sound out to the world. I have to admit after seeing so many bands in this scene, if I didn’t know LOD beforehand I probably will not be able to pick them out from the rest. But they got lucky, their song or the first few bars of the catchy ‘No Way Out’ was played in the OC, and good breaks came after that. This song is the first single out taken from their upcoming album ‘Mosaic’, recorded by Bob Weston (Shellac) in Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studios.


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  1. stuey

    February 28, 2007 4:28 pm

    Kinda sad that the ‘scene’ hasn’t really adopted the same hype behind these guys as it has abroad. Mosaic is one of my most frequently clicked albums at the moment!



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