Maniac – new band from front men of Something With Numbers & The Matches

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It’s not often two rock front men form a side project and make it work, but Jake Grigg from Something With Numbers and Shawn Harris from The Matches are giving it a red-hot go. Is this the pop-punk version of Empire of The Sun? Possibly.

Instead of the bog-standard EP with single + video clip, they’ve utilised the power of the internet to make what they’re calling an “extended play video” – basically one continuous and changeable video for the four songs on their debut EP. It’s a little bit hard to explain, but really effective – check it out here. No really, you should do it right now.

Once you’ve recovered from the novelty of the EPV, have a look on the site for a link to the band’s MySpace profile. Couldn’t find it? THAT’S BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ONE. The music is pop-rock that is pleasant enough, but the marketing is a step forward for the music industry. Nice one.

PS – I know The Matches aren’t an Australian band, and I don’t care. It’s relevant.



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