Cascadeer – 'The Wind'

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Cascadeer – ‘The Wind’ (mp3)

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Growing tired of the Canberra chill, in 2007 Cascadeer frontman Kieran Ryan (not to be confused with Kid Sam vocalist of the same name) headed north to Brisbane to focus on his theatre endeavours. After spending his formative teen years in Canberra shrouded in angsty pop punk bands, he found himself in the midst of the burgeoning Brisbane scene, where him and five other like minded alt-folk troubadours formed Cascadeer.

‘The Wind’ is thoughtful, drifting folk-pop at its best, resonating with a dreamy vapour long after it ends. Kieran Ryan’s pipes take on a lush, gentle character that sparks Paul Dempsey melancholy and Leroy Lee’s modest palate. Harmonising the elements, Cascadeer bottles a kalaidoscope of humble acoustics and folk hued nostalgia. Spilling out in delicate, sunlight tinged reverbs, this is both a light hearted travelling song and a vindicative homecoming. Bliss.


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