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Kimbra – ‘Settle Down’ (mp3)

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We’ve given a lot of love to Washington over the past couple of years, and while we don’t bemoan her success at all I think even her most ardent pre-2010 fans have to admit that Australia is approaching Washington saturation point. I still haven’t figured out what this means for other female ‘indie’ pop singers. Some peeps people will probably be exhausted by librarian-chic, female-led, JJJ-ready tunes, while others are probably still at the point where they’re ready to lap up anything with a female larynx wrapped around it (get yr mind out of the gutter).

I’ve probably already done Kimbra a disservice by conflating her with M-Wash. I was mostly trying to pre-empt a comparison between the two than trying to cement one myself. Both are young, Australian, female pop solo artists, but these are just superficial similarities. Stylistically, they’re quite distinct. Kimbra’s ‘Settle Down’ is a song that is more playful and electronic in its arrangement than anything on ‘I Believe You, Liar,’ and her work on Miami Horror standout ‘I Look To You’ is further proof of her versatility and electro potential.

Enter Penguin Prison, here to lend a hand with catapulting Kimbra onto the dancefloor. I foresee good things for Kimbra – starting with her name on the final announcement for this year’s Meredith festival. Those lucky enough to be going must let me know how she holds up in the ampitheatre.


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  1. Melissa Tan

    October 16, 2010 12:05 am

    That chromatic in ‘sunday best’ should lay low for a while. Kimba’s newer tunes are polished but they’ve got way more punch than mw. The vocals in this remix seem to get way too drowned out compared to the original. You should see her looping this live, it’s incredible.

  2. Matt Hickey

    October 19, 2010 5:25 pm

    Didn’t realise Kimbra was from NZ. But that’s cool – I’ve posted a bunch of NZ stuff before, like Surf City, Bachelorette, Mint Chicks and Glass Vaults. Good stuff coming out of NZ.

    I haven’t seen Kimbra live but I hear she’s pretty epic. Didn’t realised she used loopers until you mentioned it Mel.

    I’m such a sucker for live looping…



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