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Bachelor of Arts – ‘Bang Bang Boom Boom’

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I’ve seen this band a few times now and if I have to pick a description for their sound, I’d say they’re very Melbourne. You know, big bottom end, dark vocals and overall a dark grey mood, just like the skies are out here. I asked Angus, who also drums for Treetops, more info on the band and he gave me this:

Bachelor Of Arts started as a electronic studio project when I was living in
Tasmania. It had really Kraut leanings and 80s synth stuff like Eno and
Bowie. When we moved to Melbourne to study and added another member, things
moved into more of a organic, harder sound. We started listening to a lot of
Shellac, early Trans Am, Fugazi, etc and through about ten gigs around
Melbourne we refined our sound. Pretty much straight away we recorded our
current EP and got about the business of further songwriting and touring. We
just arrived home from Brisbane. It feels pretty cool to get out on the road
and meet so many people whilst playing really fun gigs.



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