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Yen – 'Closer to Love'

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Yen – ‘Closer to Love’ (mp3)

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Yen = Alternative Sydney Dance Pop… at its finest.

Playing around since 1996, these guys have slowly built a great reputation for their live shows with bands like The pHonies, Parades, and Entropic (who they share their drummer Robbie Mudrazija) to name a few. With this single ‘Closer to Love’, the boys have produced a killer tune – melodic, structured, yet just crazy enough to keep things interesting. Vocalist and Nord wiz Nick Cassey is one cool bearded cat, writing strong melodies that take the band into a far more accessible spectrum than most dance bands can reach. From the new demos I’ve heard, these guys have a few more tricks up their collective sleeves.

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Boy and Bear

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boy and bear

Boy and Bear – ‘The Storm’ (mp3)

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Boy & Bear – If The Shins and Fleet Foxes made babies..

Sydney singer/songwriter Dave Hosking has taken a slight change of direction with his new outfit Boy & Bear. Releasing his first EP ‘Marmalade Hill’ late last year, Hosking has decided to abandon the songs from the album (which I was still rather fond of…) and start fresh, writing towards a more mature and original sound. Producer of the first EP, Andrew Macken, has proven to be a great collaborator with his intricate and almost narrative based approach to the arrangement and production. On the bands first single ‘The Storm’, Hosking’s vocals are superb, slowly building throughout the track to release with the heart warming vocal harmonies, while the guitar motif provides an interesting counterpoint melody.

Judging from what this young Sydney band have offered so far, I’m excited to hear the rest.

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Kid Sam

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Kid Sam – ‘A Black Ant (mp3)

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KID SAM!.. Ain’t for kids.

With their self titled album released in March, Kid Sam have steadily gained more attention with every move, securing support and airplay from Triple J’s Zan Rowe, and currently touring the country with Sydney troubadour Jack Ladder.
Drawing from influences as seemingly obvious as Radiohead and Pivot, Kid Sam have ventured on to create a unique aesthetic that lands somewhere between minimal folk and post rock, while never straying too far from the pop sensibilities that make the songs so enjoyable. Vocalist Kieran Ryan’s blend of evocative melodies and abstract lyrical approach is engaging from start to finish, with Kishore Ryan filling out the percussive instrumentation with everything from pots to pans. This Melbourne 2 piece have produced a collection of beautifully crafted songs, each as different as the last.

Goes well on a Sunday afternoon.

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