Keiiko & MeltPhace – 'Germs'

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I have an undeniable love for artists who use ph (as in phat) in their names. They’re walking a firey knife-edge, balanced between self-deprecation and community disdain – they’re martyrs for naming, blazing a trail for us all.

MeltPhace continues the proud creative tradition in his name and, partnered with Keiiko, has produced some fantastic minimal electronica. There’s a taste of 65dos & Baths – as well as just about any miscelaneous electronic post-rock you can name – which I dig. There’s a dearth of tastey post-rock in Australian music at the moment, as well as a flood of non-committal, bland electronica. Keiiko and MeltPhace are two artists individually & collectively holding the fort for us all.

You can check out Keiiko’s solo stuff here and MeltPhace’s here. It’s not the first time they’ve worked together, either – they both play in Founds, a delightfully undefinable (but nonetheless fantastic) sextet from Brisbane. Good to see they’re spreading the love.

They’re too cool for Facebook.



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