The Polar Knights @ Verge Festival

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We’re talking darling indie-pop here – darling as in your first girlfriend, holding-hands-on-a-summer-day-but-never-kissing sweetness with a dash of hipster charm and a surprisingly mature style & implementation. They’re called Polar Knights, they’re punny & witty and also delightfully virginal for all their top-shelf presentation. Looking forward to their EP whilst tapping to this free-as-balls track, Burst at the Seams.

Their set wasn’t perfect, but it was honest and heartfelt, with real moments of (seemingly) emotional purity. One particular standout was City Fail, an ode to the spectacular failings of Sydney’s rail system – something I think we can all identify with. The venue itself was awesome – many thanks go out to the Verge Festival. I love a sneaky gazebo.

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