Oh Ye Denver Birds – 'I Believe In Love, Kid'

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So many happy tones wiggling their way brain-wise from this tune ‘I Believe In Love, Kid‘. Oh Ye Denver Birds made the song, Allyson Alapont made a clip and it was pleasant and exciting for everyone involved (I assume). Electronically affected indie is all over the place and largely gross, foul and uninspiring – not so of Oh Ye Denver Birds. To quote, this shit is bananas – and bananas are good. Plus the clip is a smiley, pleasant walk through indie-fun-times.

Oh Ye Denver Birds are radcore, and have a funtastic (albiet small) back-catalogue. They’re supporting Megastick Fanfare all over the country right now until the end of October, so you’ll get your chance to feast on these fowl. Thank me later.

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