The Ocean Party – Social Clubs

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I wrote some stuff about the The Ocean Party’s single ‘In A Knot’ earlier this year. I’ll summarise, I thought it was good. Their newly released record called ‘Social Clubs’ includes that single and many more treats. It’s up on bandcamp and will be available as a limited edition 12″ Lp through Birds Love Fighting from early November so pre-order that shit. Now that the links are outta the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The Ocean Party are a solid bunch of music making people with many other projects going on. I’m not actually sure who is playing in their band at the mo but I really dig their sound. The band has a coherent signature sound but it isn’t just slacker pop. There are more varied and complex things going on here. ‘Social Clubs’ delivers a diverse mix of tunes and yet it retains a unified tone throughout. Like gentle waves on a sunny beach or a veteran porn-star in a gang bang, there is an inherent rhythm in the Ocean Party sound that is filled with warm melody that lulls you into their hazy world of confusion. Make no mistake, this is a sound that is uniquely Australian. It takes the best of our singer-songwriter traditions and infuses post pop, city-dazed, country tales that are genuine and drenched in reverie for something more.


The Ocean Party – ‘Sit On The Hill’

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Go see them play:

Wednesday 14 November, Sydney
Brighton Up Bar, with Beef Jerk and Disgusting

Thursday 15 November, Brisbane
Alhumbra Lounge, with Woe and Flutter

Saturday 18 November, Newcastle
Terrace Bar, with Mornings

Saturday 24 November, Adelaide
Grace Emily, with Wild Oats and Fake Tan

Friday 30 November, Wagga Wagga
Bass Bar, supports TBA

Saturday 1 December, Melbourne
Grace Darling Hotel, with Cat Cat, New Estate and Great Outdoors

Sunday 9 December, Perth
Yah Yahs, with The Whores and The Wine Dark Sea

Saturday 15 December, Canberra
The Phoenix Pub with Mornings



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