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Trekking all the way from the southern music hub of Dunedin, Males are one of New Zealand’s most formidable feel-good punk bands.

Specialising in songs that are short, quick and catchy, the trio play music that would probably be pop if not for its ferocity. Their double EP, Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales, captures the band’s satisfying mix of jangly guitars, rumbling bass, and driving percussion.

Despite the upbeat nature of the songs, lyrically they’re not always a happy affair, telling tales of anxiety and weakness. In a live setting it’s obvious that the songs are a therapeutic endeavour, the band working through negativity by throwing a kickass punk dance party.

Males have two more dates to go on their NZ/Australia tour:

26 September – ReFuel, Dunedin with carb on carb and Dinosaur Sanctuary. RSVP on Facebook.

27 September – The Space, Christchurch with carb on carb, The River Jones and coate. RSVP on Facebook.

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