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Perth artist Kučka aka Laura Jane Lowther first appeared on the scene with her self-titled debut EP for New Weird Australia imprint Wood & Wire. Throughout its brief but fertile life the label was responsible for releasing challenging, forward thinking music across a broad spectrum of genres making it a perfect fit for Kučka’s unconventional brand of electronica. The EPs mix of post dubstep beats, whimsical ambience and off-kilter songwriting revealed an irrefutable pop heart which caught the attention of French label Nuun Records, who quickly set about repackaging the EP to include her much lauded single ‘Phantasy’ and re-releasing it in 2014. 

After a number of highly successful singles, a chance but nonetheless high-profile collaboration with A$AP Rocky, and a slew of accolades Kučka now returns with her Unconditional EP released via new Inertia imprint Midnight Feature. The EP shows a refined, mature sound smoothing out some of Kučka’s sharper edges but leaving her eccentricities intact which should appeal to old and new fans alike.

For the fourth instalment in our Virtual Mixtape series Kučka focuses on the fertile music scene of her hometown WA, compiling her five favourite tunes from Perth.


Illustration by Lucy Roleff

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Lower Spectrum – ‘Levity’

Opening with a repeated harp melody, Lower Spectrum gradually adds pads and a swelling bass synth into the mix and the result is an incredibly beautiful soundscape with cinematic and flowing textures. When the beats eventually drop they are accompanied by an arpeggiated synth creating a frenetic contrast to the track’s beginnings.

Methyl Ethel – ‘Depth Perception’

This track is taken from Methyl Ethyl’s incredible debut album Oh Inhuman Spectacle. Though not a single, this is my favourite track from the release. It begins with warped guitar sounds and hazy samples and gradually builds up with ‘Air’ like chords until the vocals come in towards the end of the track.

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Mei Saraswati – ‘Ricochet’

One of Perth’s most prolific and creative producers, it was really hard for me to pick just one track from Mei Saraswati.  Richochet combines what Mei does best, it’s a percussive jam, but has minimal breakdowns where her incredible vocals and lyrics are the focus.

Phil Stroud – ‘Tribe’

Phil Stroud is a jazz trained drummer and percussionist who has recently been combining his talents to create these intricate rhythmic journeys. His music has such an organic flow to it, probably because he plays all of the percussion live.   This is so refreshing to hear in a world where quantisation and working on the grid is the standard practice.

Catlips  – ‘Kanimbla’

This is my by far my favourite Catlips tune. It’s ridiculously upbeat and every time she plays it live the dance floor goes mental. 10/10 party times.


The Unconditional EP is available here. Kučka’s Unconditional EP tour starts this week – find show dates here.

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