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Dappled Cities Fly

Dappled Cities Fly – ‘Within Hours’ (mp3)

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A new cut from the upcoming album Granddance, produced by Peter Walker and Jim Fairchild (ex-Grandaddy) and mixed by Jaquire King (Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse). Heard this song played live a couple times and they were of course brilliant. I was half expecting Tim Derricourt to go his usual high pitched ‘Ow!‘ in the chorus of the song, but I suppose that’s only for live shows. This is not the leading single from album, my guess is that would be ‘The Birds’ – which you can have a listen to the demo version on their MySpace. Since finishing the recording Dappled Cities Fly has been signed onto US based Dangerbird Records while in Australia the fine boys at Speak n Spell will be putting out their album. They’re on tour with Crayon Fields at the moment, and will later on in the year play at Pianos in New York as part of the CMJ Music Marathon – something like the college version of SXSW – with a lineup like a music blogger’s dream gig.

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