Architecture in Helsinki: 'Heart It Races' remix



Architecture in Helsinki – Heart It Races (Pink Skull remix) (mp3)

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I don’t even have the original version of this song but I thought I’d post the Pink Skull (?) remix. It’s not that I find this remix particularly enriching or adventurous. In fact I have trouble listening from beginning to end. But I wanted to point out that it’s very common marketing strategy now for bands, in order for them to break new songs without giving everything away too soon, to giveaway the remix version of whatever song that is. I’m pretty sure this is why this remix version is floating around the internet quite a bit. For example, last year the Yeah Yeah Yeahs put out a Diplo remix of their first single Gold Lion of their new album. This was around for a few weeks before the real song was on myspace. This is the first case I can remember that used this rollout strategy. I suppose it could work really well if the remixer is well known enough that it would pick up interest, I’m not sure this is the case with this single for AIH.


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  1. Sean

    May 7, 2007 6:23 pm

    Yeah I’ve been noticing that remix “roll out” as well. I think you’re bang on with your assessment….giving something away without giving away the actual “product.”


    December 24, 2007 6:36 pm

    All I want to do is be AIH dancer and tour with them all around the world ( just come out for a few songs and dance ) as an aussie bogan with a headband PUMPIN IT!!!!! I was there in Melbourne doing just that in the front row and one of the bandmembers gave me a bottle of whiskey to SKULL YAY!!! haha good times!! I saw them in Brighton and Brissie 2. GO GO GO GO



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